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Title: Positive Character Traits

Program description:

This program is an interactive discussion between author Pam Flowers and students. It is based on the book, Ordinary Dogs, Extraordinary Friendships. This is an eleven-chapter book describing events Pam has witnessed between her dogs where they showed such positive character traits as friendship, acceptance, compassion, loyalty, courage, dealing non-violently with a bully, patience, forgiveness, perseverance, determination, trust, good judgment, and a strong work ethic.

Most of these traits appear in more than one chapter. The host may select any chapter for the program but Pam recommends the last chapter titled “The Day A Polar Bear Came Visiting” because this chapter is exciting, no one gets harmed, and it has a funny ending.

It is best conducted in small groups of fewer then 150. Students can be informed either before the program or after they have been seated that they will be expected to participate in a discussion about positive character traits.

Once the students are seated, Pam will read the selected chapter. During the reading the text can be displayed on a screen so the students can read along silently. From time to time Pam may insert one or two words pointing out the positive behavior displayed by a dog(s) or person in the story.

Upon completion of the reading, Pam and the students will discuss the positive behaviors shown by the dogs and people in the chapter and what could have happened had they behaved differently.

If time allows, students will be ask to describe events in their own life where they displayed one of these behaviors and discuss the following:

1.  When did they display the behavior?
2.  To whom was it demonstrated?
3.  Why did the student behave in such a way?
4.  What good came of what they did?

School preparation kit:

Well in advance of Pam’s visit, schools scheduling any length program will receive the same preparation kit. This includes one free copy of Ordinary Dogs, Extraordinary Friendships for the school library, poster alerting students about time and date of visit, relevant resume, and book order form.

Fees and Options:

Shown below are the usual ways visits are scheduled. However, if you wish to make changes, most anything can be worked out so that Pam's visits will benefit your students the most.

For information on Pam's fee's please look at the fee schedule.

Half-day visits:

Two programs are offered in assembly format. Usually during a half-day visit, one program is given for the lower grades and a second program for the upper grades.

Two-Thirds day visits:

Three assemblies are given during this visit. Usually two programs are given in the morning and one in the afternoon. This works well for schools with larger student census and also allows morning and afternoon kindergarten students the opportunity to attend.

Full-day Visits:

Four or five programs may be scheduled. Usually three programs are scheduled in the morning and two in the afternoon.

A word about book signings:

The most frequent request I get for changes to the schedule involves dealing with book signings. Some schools are interested primarily in the programs and book signing is less important. But for other schools, author signings and the chance for their students to meet the author individually is the highlight of the visit.

The choice is of course yours, but please keep in mind that author signings take time and are a part of the time scheduled in your school.

Here is how book sales usually work (please note, no hard sell is ever made to your students).

  1. In your advance packet you will receive one each, free, copy of Ordinary Dogs, Extraordinary Friendships for the school library.

  2. In your advance packet you will also receive a book order form.

  3. Please send the book order form home with each student about one week in advance of Pam's visit.

  4. Ask students to return the book order form the day before Pam's visit.

  5. Book order forms may also be turned in the day of Pam's visit.

  6. During the day of Pam's visit, she will sign all ordered books. If there isn't enough time to finish signing during Pam's visit, she will usually sign the books after school and leave them to be distributed at your convenience.

  7. If late orders arrive after Pam's visit, she will sign and mail the books to the school and Pam will pay the postage.

See Program Two details here.

Yes, folks, adults enjoy these programs too! Pam is available for evening and weekend talks at clubs, sporting stores, bookstores and with groups who love to explore and enjoy the wilderness.





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