From Teachers & Parents 

Teachers, librarians, principals and parents from around the country contact me often after school visits, some of their comments follow. See also, Book Reviews.

"Even though someone seems weak in their appearance doesn't mean they are weak inside."

Laurel Murphy, Students at Loma Verde Elementary

"Pam was a huge success at our school and very inspirational."

Phyllis Eacker, Media Specialist
McKinney, Texas

"I'm the luck mom of a sweet soul names Kelty. Kelty and I had this amazing discussion about your positive attitude and about how we all have choices to make, about how we each approach life. I just want to thank you for sharing your story with all of our children and one in particular. Thanks for making a difference."

Karen Montat, Soldotna, Alaska

Pam's program held the entire audience captive - hilarious anecdotes combined with heart-stopping adventures. We had an audience of 200 people ages four to eighty and no one left disappointed. The program is truly for everyone. I strongly encourage you to invite her to speak at your school.

Troy Rumpf, Laramie Country Public Library System
Cheyenne, Wyoming

"Speaking first to our Lower School and then to our Middle and Upper Schools, Pam easily adapted her presentation to the level of her audience and quickly caught the attention of students and faculty alike. She drives home the valuable message - set your goals, aim high, and persevere. Find time to allow your students to share Pam Flowers' experiences."

Agnes Underwood, Headmistress National Cathedral School
Washington, DC

"Your presentations were information packed and captivating. Your story is one that I would like every student in our state to hear."

Gary Stevens, Principal Fort Kent Elementary
Fort Kent Maine

"My daughter, Carolyn, talked about your presentation through our dinner this evening non-stop for 45 minutes. I am small, my husband is small and my daughter is small and she will always be small. She ended over dessert by nearly shouting, 'And the best thing about her is she's small!" I don't know if Carolyn will be a secretary or an astronaut but, for the first time in her life, my daughter believes she can be anything. Thank you for changing her life."

a very grateful mom in Washington, DC

Dear Pam,

I wanted to thank you so much for your visit to Cooper Mountain Elementary School in Beaverton, OR. My son is in second grade there and my twin girls are in first grade. They absolutely LOVED your presentation and have talked about it just about everyday.

You would get a real kick out of the Saturday morning game that they have invented. They pile up various toys, blankets, etc and make a sled and pretend to be going on a dog race to the Arctic! In fact, they even argue over who gets to "be Pam Flowers"!

It is great that you are such a positive influence on the children and have shown them the results of hard work and dedication to doing something that you really love. I know that your visit and talk is something that they will remember for their whole lives. THANK YOU and best wishes!

 - Sincerely, Margaret Johnston

What Students Say & Send

Anna the Youngest Sled Dog
Written by Jack Arbuckle (Earl Slaughter Elementary - McKinney, TX)
(Sing to the tune of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer)

You know Dougie, and Alice, and Robert, and Sojo
Roald, and Lucy, and Matt, and Pam Flowers
But do you recall
The most fearless sled dog of all...

Anna the youngest sled dog (sled dog)
Was the smallest of her team
And if you ever saw her (saw her)
You would say she leads like a dream

All of the other mushers (mushers)
Used to laugh and call her small
They never thought poor Anna (Anna)
Could be big enough after all

Then one icy arctic day
Pam Flowers came to say
"Anna you are big enough
Let's show those mushers all your stuff!"

Anna led her team so bravely (bravely)
Across the frozen arctic land
Anna the youngest sled dog (sled dog)
She was "big enough" for Pam!

Douggie Dog
Author: Unknown

Delicately dancing on the snow
Outstanding leader of Pam's team
Used strength to pull the sleds
God and Douggie helped save Anna
Gentle giant
Invisible to the cold
Ever lasting in DJ's heart

Determined to mush across the Arctic
Over the ice and snow
Go Douggie go! Lead on!!!!!

Journey of Pam
By: Jasmyn Marten
Northwood Community Secondary School
Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Snow, dogs, ice, polar bear, caribou, blue water
Wood, fur, nylon, eye tearing cold
Wet dog, fresh air, gas from the stove
Frozen steak, frozen veggies night after night after night
Barking, glaciers cracking, blizzards blowing

Encouragement for Pam & Ellie
Courtney Grivasrom

It is good you are following your dream!
If you believe you can then you can.
Good luck and tell Ellie good luck, too.
Please tell us all about your trip.
Be careful in big storms!
If you made it through the Arctic, you can make it across our country.

One of 71 other letters of encouragement received from Metro Charter Academy, Romulus, Michigan.


Room 9 is Sad
By: Nicholas Lange
Riverview Elementary
Wausau, WI

Dear Pam Flowers,
I am very sorry that Anna passed away. You must be very sad. Room 9 is sad too.

Your Friend,
Nicholas Lange





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