How you or your school can participate!

Pam & Ellie - May 2008

Whatís happening?

Ellie the Appalachian Trail dog will accompany Pam Flowers on a hike along the 2175 mile Appalachian Trail during the academic year 2008/09.

What is Ellieís Walking Club, what is the objective, and how do you join?

Ellieís Walking Club is a club that anyone may participate in and is an attempt to inspire people to walk as often and as long as they can while still enjoying themselves. The objective is to see if the miles students walk for their school can cumulatively equal or exceed the distance Pam and Ellie hike. Check back soon for the official Sign Up form!

Do members have to be a student at a school?

No. Home schoolers, adults, anyone who wishes is encouraged to participate.

Do members have to walk and where can they walk?

Members can run, jog or, if unable to walk, wheel themselves or be wheeled by others. Members may walk at school, at home, at a park, or anywhere it is safe to walk. Members must use their feet to transport themselves. Only those confined to a wheelchair may use wheels.

Who keeps track of the miles?

There is a downloadable form on this site for keeping track of distance.


Is there a way to earn extra miles?

Yes. Members walking with anyone else get credit for the their miles and the other personís miles. So if a student and their dad walk a mile together, the student gets credit for two mile. If the student walks with two other people, the member gets credit for three miles. The more people participate, the more miles members may earn.

Also, members walking their dog or any other pet get credit for the petís miles.

What will a member get for participating in Ellieís Walking Club?

Each person participating in Ellieís Walking Club may download a CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION, have it filled out by a responsible adult or fill it out themselves, and keep it as an acknowledgement of how many miles they walked.

Is there a maximum or minimum number of miles a member may earn?

No. There is no maximum or minimum number of miles a person may earn.

Is there a reward for earning the most miles?

Yes! When Pam and Ellie have finished their hike, schools may submit a record of miles traveled for the student in each grade level who has accumulated the greatest number of miles. Only the records for one student per grade may be submitted for grades K-12.

Pam will review all records submitted and identify the student in each grade level who has accumulated the greatest number of miles. Those students with the greatest number of miles will earn a free visit to their school by Pam and Ellie. So there will be thirteen free school visits.

Pam and Ellie will then visit those schools where a student has earned the greatest number of miles, Pam will talk about their journey, and lead the students in a short hike.






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